List Your Property

TLDR: For the best chance of selling your property, there are tasks you’ll need to complete prior to listing your property on Aloha My Home. 

What do I need to do to list my property?

In addition to preparing the physical property for sale, there’s some administrative work you’ll need to complete in order to list on Aloha My Home.

You’ll need to...


Does it cost anything to list my property?

No, you’ll only pay if you close. 

Can I change the price after I’ve posted?

Yes, but we recommend thoroughly researching property prices before you list. If you aren’t receiving any offers after a couple of weeks or ample showings, you may want to consider 

What if I don’t have photos?

Even the most dilapidated properties should include photos. If you intend to sell to an investor, they too will need to see what types of repairs will need to be conducted to improve the condition.