Sign the Offer

TLDR: Signing the offer legally binds you to sell the property. After the contract is fully executed by both parties, you’ll move on to the final phase, Step 3!

This is it! This is the last task that officially, legally commits the sale of the property!

While we don't want to scare you, it's important to understand the gravity of signing the contract paperwork after you and the buyer agree on a price and terms. After you sign (even electronically), you are legally committing to sell the house, and unlike the buyer, you won't have any contingencies that allow you to back out of the contract if you get cold feet before closing. If you try to finagle your way out of the sale, you could be sued for the house. 

It's important to note all of the dates and timelines outlined in the offer because once the contract is signed, the clock begins ticking. 

Next Steps

You're finally ready to move on to Step 3: After Offer Acceptance!